What are the rules for creating a new login PIN and a new password?

Rules for creating a PIN (used for additional Bankline services, not your smartcard PIN):

  • It can't contain ascending or descending sequences. For example, you can't have 1234 or 4321.
  • You can have the same number twice in a row, but no more than that. For example, 2234 would be ok, but 2223 wouldn't be.
  • If you reset your PIN you can't re-use one that you've used within the last 12 months.

Rules for creating a password:

  • It must have at least six characters but no more than 20.
  • It's not case sensitive.
  • It must contain both letters and numbers, but no other characters.
  • If you're resetting your password, you can't use one that you've already used in the last 12 months.

Changing this PIN, used for addional Bankline services, will not change the PIN for your Smartcard.

Keep your login PIN and password secure. These are unique to you, so don't write them down or share them.

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