How do I order a smartcard QR reader?

If you're ordering a new reader because the battery has died in your current reader, you can just replace the batteries instead. You'll need to open the back of the reader with a small screwdriver and replace the two AAA batteries.

To order a new smartcard QR reader you'll need to be an administrator.

Administrators can follow these steps to order a new reader:

  1. Select 'Administration' then 'Manage users'
  2. Select the User ID who needs a new smartcard reader
  3. Scroll down the page and under their details select 'Edit roles/smartcard', then select 'Order new Smartcard Reader'
  4. Select the address to send the smartcard to, then click 'Continue' followed by 'Confirm'
  5. If you have dual administration active this may need to be approved by another user

If it's just a reader you need, you don't need to order a new smartcard. But if you also need a new smartcard, you can find the steps to order one here.

If you need to order a smartcard QR reader to your home address, please visit this page: Order a QR reader to a home address

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