How do I order a smartcard for a user who's never had one before?

You should first check the user's smartcard status by looking at the smartcard page for the user.

If you can see that there's no box containing smartcard information and no option to order the user a smartcard, you can follow the steps below to order this user a smartcard and smartcard reader:

  1. From the administration menu, click 'Manage users' and select the user you need to order a smartcard for
  2. Scroll to the address of the user and add a comma to the end of the first line
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Continue'
  4. You'll then be asked to confirm the address for the smartcard to be sent to (we'll send the smartcard to you to pass on to the user and the PIN is sent directly to the user's address)
  5. Click 'Continue' and then 'Confirm changes'
  6. You'll then be asked to approve this with you smartcard which you can do by heading over to 'Smartcard authorisation' in the administration menu
  7. If your organisation uses dual administration, you may need another administrator to approve this

If you need to order the smartcard to a home address you can do this by following the link below:

How do I order a smartcard to a home address?

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