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How do I grant access to the payment summary screens?


You need to allocate the ‘View payment summary' privilege for each user you want to view the summaries. This single privilege allows the user to see any of the four summary views. However, users will only be able to see the Authorisation summary in the dropdown menu when they have at least one payment awaiting their authorisation.

Once they have this privilege, users will see the Payment summary option in the Payments section of the left-hand menu. Clicking on this shows their payment summary screens.

There is also a View authorisation summary button on the payment authorisation screen that takes you straight to the authorisation view.

The Print / Save summary button allows you to export the views to PDF format to print or save.

ADD: Depending on the selected summary view you may also see a:

Payment advices section providing options for printing or exporting detailed information on CHAPS and International  payments you have sent or recieved today.

Payment records section providing similar options for the print or export of detailed information relating to all payments you are making from your accounts.     

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