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What payment advice export options do I have?


You can view the last six months of payment advices for CHAPS and international payments on your statement screen.

You can also export current credit and debit advices from the Payment summary screen, including domestic payments. From here, you can export all advices or only those that have changed since you last exported (incremental).

So your options are:

  • All advices (credit and debit)
  • All credit advices
  • All debit advices
  • Incremental - credit and debit advices
  • Incremental - credit advices
  • Incremental - debit advices
  • All future value advices (credit & debit)
  • All future value credit advices
  • All future value debit advices
  • Incremental future value - debit and credit advices
  • Incremental future value - credit advices
  • Incremental future value - debit advices

You have these same options when you print or save.

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