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How do I make a payment from a template?


To create a payment from a template:  

  1. Select Payments from the left-hand menu, this opens the Make payment screen.

  2. Select the Template check box from the Bulk lists and Templates panel and enter your Template reference. If you don't know the reference you can click on the spyglass symbol to pick a template from the list. This will open the Enter payment from a template screen.

  3. Enter the amount and select a payment date (all the other payment details will already be populated).

  4. Click on Make payment. This opens the Confirm payment screen.

  5. Click on Confirm payment. (You may also Cancel the payment, Save as Template, Save for later or Edit payment details).

  6. The Payment saved, awaiting authorisation screen opens. You may Exit, Print / save, Save as Template or Make another payment.

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