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How do I export a template?


To export a template, click ‘Payments’, then ‘Manage templates’. Tick which templates you’d like to export and click ‘Export’ towards the bottom of the page. You’ll be able to export 100 templates per request.

If you just need to export active templates, you can click ‘Search for a template’ at the bottom of your list of templates, change the status to ‘Active’ and press ‘Go’. You’ll then be able to select and export them.

If you’re going to import this into another system or Bankline profile, make sure you check the information in the templates is correct and up to date before importing them, and before using them to make payments.

Additional information

The export will be saved as a text file (.txt, the same as a Bankline import file). This will mean it’s exported in the format required to re-import into another Bankline profile. If you’re doing this, it’s important you check that the information in the new templates is correct before using them to make payments.

For more information on this export, take a look at page 19 of this guide:

Bankline export guide

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