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What changes were made in the October release to support the SEPA 2016 regulations?


In support of the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) regulations that came into effect at the end of October 2016, you will notice a number of changes within Bankline. These changes apply to all keyed and imported International payments and templates.

 You now have the option of using an International Bank Account Number (IBAN) as the Debit account identifier:

 Enter payment details

Whichever option you choose you will find that -  

  • The IBAN has been added to ‘Confirm international payment / template’, and subsequent detail screens.

 Confirm payment

  • On payment lists a Debit IBAN column has been introduced, and lists of templates that meet SEPA criteria display the IBAN in the Debit Account column.

 Payment reference

Template list

  • Printed PDF’s of SEPA routed payments & templates show the IBAN in the Debit Account field.

 Payment status  

  • Exported payment details include the IBAN at the end of each record.


For SEPA routed payments and templates you no longer need to provide both the Beneficiary BIC (Bank Identifier Code) and IBAN. Providing the BIC is optional.

  • You can carry on providing the Beneficiary BIC if you prefer and we will continue to be able to process your payment as normal.



 As well as the SEPA related upgrades there are two minor changes to Payment Search.

  • Credit amount searches now also return Bulk Payments if they include a credit within the range requested.
  • Search results are now ordered by payment date, then the amount. (‘Payments Awaiting Authorisation / Release’ screens remain grouped by submission deadline).

For further support or guidance, please refer to the updated Bankline Import and Export user guides on the 'Some useful guides' section of the  Bankline Training and support hub.


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