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What are the Purpose of Payment Codes for Jordan?


A mandatory change implemented by the Central Bank of Jordan means that all payments to Jordan must include a purpose of payment code followed by the description of the purpose.

A valid 4 digit code must be included in the Information for the Beneficiary field for all payments regardless of currency. These codes can be found here - Purpose of payment codes for Jordan.

The codes need to be detailed in the correct format in order for the payment to credit the beneficiary. The format that has been requested by the central bank is as follows:

The first row should start with ‘/’ and the remaining rows with ‘//’.

The first 4 digits of the first row must include a purpose code followed by the description of the purpose, if the description does not fit within the first line continue on the second with ‘//’ at the start of the line.

An example of how to enter this information appears below:

 Example of Jordan description and purpose of payment code

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