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Why have I been charged to receive an international payment?


If you’ve had charges applied to a payment you’ve received the sender would have set the charges for this payment to be shared or for you, the receiver, to pay the charges.

Please be aware that with effect from 13 January 2018, international payments received into your account from within the EEA must be sent with charges shared (SHA) in accordance with the Payment Services Regulations 2017, so they could be subject to an inward payment fee, which may have previously been paid by the sender.

When an inward payment fee is to be paid by you, we usually deduct this from the funds received and then credit the remaining amount to your account, however this is sometimes passed as a separate debit to your account if you‘ve requested this.

Regardless of how the fee is applied, we'll provide a breakdown of the amount received and any fees, on your payment credit advice.

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