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How do I enable Smartcard approval for transfers between accounts?


For inter account transfers (IATs) you can set a Smartcard trigger value, if a transfer is made for above this amount the transfer will require Smartcard authorisation.

The trigger value is set to a default of £100,000.

To amend the trigger level you will need administration privileges or request your Bankline Administrator to change this.

To amend the IAT Smartcard trigger value:

  1.  Select 'Administration' from the left hand menu, and then select the first option of 'Customer details'.

  2. On the 'Customer details' screen select the heading of 'Payment limits'.

  3. In 'Payment limits' you'll see the field 'IAT smartcard trigger value', here you can see the current limit that is set and can change this if you want to, once complete select 'Confirm'.

  4. If you have set a new trigger value this may need to be approved using a Smartcard and reader, if you have dual authorisation enabled this change may also need to be be authorised by a second user.

This limit will apply to everyone with IAT privileges.

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