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How do I view or cancel a Direct Debit?


To view or cancel a Direct Debit:

  1. Select 'Payments' from the left hand menu. This will open the 'Make payments' screen.

  2. Select 'Direct Debits'. You can then choose from 'Domestic Direct Debit Claims' or 'EUR Direct Debit Claims', this opens a list of accounts. To change the number of accounts displayed, select the number you want to display from the drop down menu and select 'Go'. To search for an account not listed, select 'Search for an account', enter your search criteria and select 'Search'.

  3. Select an account to see a list of the Direct Debits associated with this account. To view the details for a specific Direct Debit, select the originator name.

  4. Select 'Cancel Direct Debit' or 'Back' to return to the previous screen.

  5. Use your Smartcard to complete the cancellation.

Note: Cancellation takes two working days to take effect.

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