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How do I authorise with my smartcard and QR reader?


When you’re presented with a QR code in Bankline, follow these instructions to authorise:

  1. Insert your card into the reader (with the chip down and facing you) to switch it on 
  2. It will default to the camera view, scan the QR code on your screen using the reader, making sure you keep the code within the red markers 
  3. Once scanned, your reader will ask you to confirm what you're approving. Once you're happy the details are correct, click 'OK' on your reader 
  4. You'll now be asked to enter your smartcard PIN, enter this and press 'OK' 
  5. Your reader will give you a 10 digit code, enter this into the boxes on your Bankline approval screen

If you're having difficulty scanning a QR code, try these trouble shooting tips

  • Your browser may not be displaying the QR code correctly. Try zooming in and out on your browser (you can do this using your browser settings). Alternatively, you could try a different web browser. 
  • Your monitor’s brightness and contrast settings can affect QR readability. Try adjusting these in your monitor’s settings. 
  • Your monitor’s screen resolution and ratio may be distorting the QR code. Try adjusting your display settings or reverting to your monitor's default settings.

 If you've locked or suspended your smartcard, you can find help here.

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