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Can I import a file to make multiple payments to be processed at the same time via Open Banking TPP Services?


Provided you have the correct privileges and the TPP is authorised, you can submit payment files to be processed via Open Banking TPP Services in the following formats:

  • Bankline native format (CSV)
  • XML
  • SWIFT MT101
  • SWIFT MT103

You can make bulk faster payments to multiple accounts from the same debit account, this is called a bulk payment.

You can make faster payments, CHAPS, international payments and transfers (IATs) from multiple debit accounts, this is called a batch payment.

These payments can only be made if you’ve set up the required permissions on Bankline. All existing payment limits and controls such as smartcard authorisation will still apply.

The same Bankline restrictions on file types and contents will also apply.

You can find further information in the TPP support guide below:

Open Banking Third Party Provider (TPP) support guide

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