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How do I cancel a SEPA Direct Debit file?


 Any SEPA Direct Debit file that has been submitted on Bankline can be cancelled in the following states:

  • Awaiting authorisation
  • Awaiting second authorisation

A fully authorised file cannot be cancelled. However, individual Collections and Batches within a file may be cancelled via File Enquiry screens, provided they have not yet processed.

File cancellation is not subject to dual file authorisation.

  1. In the SEPA DD Origination section on the left hand menu, select Cancel file.
    The menu items displayed are based on privileges assigned to the user.
  2. Select the Creditor ID and File status from the dropdown lists.
  3. Enter File submission date range.
    The ‘From' date cannot be more that 60 days before today.
  4. Click Search.
    Files available for cancellation are listed with most recent first.
  5. Select the file to be cancelled.
    The Confirm file cancellation screen is displayed.
  6. Click Confirm cancellation.

The smartcard authorisation screen is displayed. You need to authorise your action using your smartcard and reader.

Smartcard Authorisation

The file cancellation request has now been submitted to the Bank, the status is updated to File cancel requested.

Once the file has been cancelled the file status will be updated to File cancelled.

This change in status can be confirmed using the File enquiry option.


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