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What do the TPP consent statuses mean?


The TPP consent statuses are: 

Active consent – AISP Third Party Providers have access to your account information for a maximum period of 90 days.

Expired consents – Consents that have passed the agreed period of time between the bank and the TPP.

Declined consents – These are consents that have been cancelled.  

Withdrawn consents – Consents that you or someone else within your business has withdrawn. The AISP TPPs no longer have access to any more of your data.

Deleted consents – Consents that have been deleted by the TPP.

Suspended consent – The TPP has suspended the consent, although this can be reinstated.

Revoked consent – The TPP has been revoked by the Open Banking Implementation Entity. This TPP can no longer be used unless it’s reinstated.

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