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What should I do if I’m getting a message about a change awaiting authorisation?


If you’re trying to make a change to the ‘Payment preferences’ or ‘Payment limits’ and you see this error message, it’ll mean that the previous change made to these settings wasn’t fully approved. This will be because either:

  • An administrator hasn't approved the change with a Smartcard.
  • Your organisation uses dual administration and a second administrator hasn't approved the change.

If the previous change was made by you and needs Smartcard approval you can either approve or cancel it by going into ‘Smartcard authorisation’ where you’ll see the change.

If the change was not made by you but you wish to cancel it, you can also go into ‘Smartcard authorisation’ and click ‘Cancel outstanding changes from all users’ to remove it.

If the previous change is subject to dual administration and was submitted by someone else via ‘Authorise change’ under 'Administration', you can approve or reject it.

If you submitted the change yourself and it's subject to dual administration, you can cancel it via ‘Abandon change’ under 'Administration'.

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