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How do I set up and amend alerts?


From the ‘Administration’ menu, click ‘Manage alerts’. If you can’t see this option, you’ll need an administrator to give you access. If you are an administrator, you can take a look at this FAQ:

How do I assign the manage alerts feature to a user?

Once you’ve clicked on ‘Manage alerts’ you’ll see two options that control who on your profile will receive alerts. Choose whether you want these switched on or off for:

  • All users initiating the activity for the specific alert type
  • A single nominated user to receive all selected alerts, you’ll need to enter their user ID

You’ll then need to select the alerts you want the users to receive. The options you can choose from are:

  • Single keyed & ad-hoc bulk payments
  • Payments made from templates
  • Payments made from a bulk list
  • Imported files of payments (summary of the imported file)
  • Payment templates (new & amended)
  • Bulk lists (new & amended)
  • Rejected payments
  • Expired payments

For the first three in this list, you can add in a threshold limit, whereby only payments over this limit would generate an alert.

Once you’ve made the required changes click ‘Continue’ and then ‘Confirm’.

You’ll need to approve any changes with your smartcard and if you have dual administration switched on, you may need another administrator to approve this change.

To ensure users receive the right alerts, make sure their email addresses are up to date under ‘Manage users’.

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