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How do I check if a user has a smartcard?


As an administrator, you can check if a user has a smartcard:

  1. From the administration menu click, 'Manage users' and click the User ID of the user you want to check
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click 'Edit roles/Smartcard' or 'Edit roles'
  3. You should see a box titled 'Smartcard details' which shows the smartcard number, status and the date it was issued

If the smartcard is active, then the user should check they have the card and continue using it as normal. If they don't have one, then you can order them a new one.

If the smartcard status is suspended, you can unlock this for them. Again, if they don't have the smartcard you can order them a new one.

If there is no smartcard status box or one has never been issued to a user, you'll need to follow these instructions:

How do I order a smartcard for a user that's never had one before?

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