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What information should I provide to receive a payment from outside the UK?


If you're looking to receive a payment into your account from outside the UK you should give the sender the following information:

  • Your BIC code – which will be ULSBGB2B if you have an Ulster Bank North account. If you're being asked to provide an 11 character BIC/SWIFT, just add XXX at the end.
  • Your IBAN – which you'll find on your Bankline statement, eg. GB45ULSB12345612345678
  • Your full business name for the account the payment will credit. (Don’t use abbreviations as this could delay the payment.)

It’s not mandatory, but it's good practice to also provide the payer with your full business address. This should be the address we hold or the registered address at Companies House.

You may also want to give them a reference to quote with the payment to help you identify it on your statement.

Further help finding your BIC and IBAN

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