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What's vishing?


Vishing (‘voice phishing’) describes a fraudster contacting a customer and claiming to be the bank. 

They'll ask for login PINs, passwords and other confidential information that could help them to move money from your account.

We'll never ask you for Bankline PINs, passwords or Smartcard security codes over the phone.

If you receive an unsolicited call from somebody claiming to represent us and you're asked to disclose confidential Bankline information, end the call and contact the Bankline Security helpline.

For contact details and opening times see How can I contact the Bankline Security helpline?

WARNING – don't dial the Security Helpline using the same telephone that received the suspicious call.  This is because the suspicious caller may try to keep the line open by not hanging up their phone after you've put your own receiver down (“it takes two to disconnect”).

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