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There's a warning that the template or bulk list used to create a payment has been amended. What should I do?


Before authorising the payment you should investigate why the template or bulk list has changed and make sure the amendment is legitimate.

Fraudsters may try to trick you into diverting payments to their own account.  They do this by impersonating your regular suppliers, perhaps phoning or emailing your company and asking for future invoices to be settled to a different sort code and account number (‘diversion fraud’).

It's important to independently validate any requests to change payee details.  Contact the supplier or beneficiary concerned using details you already know and trust (don't simply use telephone numbers or other contact details quoted by the person requesting the change).

If you're concerned that your company may have been targeted by diversion fraudsters, please contact the Bankline Security helpline for assistance.  

For contact details and opening times see How can I contact the Bankline Security helpline?

For reference, the onscreen warning appears in the ‘Status’ column of the 'Payment Authorisation' screen.  The warning takes the form of a capital letter ‘W’ in red font.  You'll need to select 'View warnings' to find out more.

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