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How do I create a template?


To create a template, follow the steps below:

  1. Select Payments for the left hand menu.

  2. This will open the Make Payments page.

  3. From the left hand menu, under Payments, select Manage Templates.

  4. Select Create a Template from the bottom right of the page.

  5. Choose the payment type that you would like to base your template on, for example, Standard.

  6. Enter all the mandatory template details.

  7. You can then select Save template as incomplete if you want to save to come back to or Create template if you are ready to create.

  8. If creating your template you will then see the details of your template, if all details are correct and complete, select Confirm Template.

  9. The template is now ready for use (unless dual control has been selected, if it has the template will need to be checked by another user prior to use).

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