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How do I rerun a confirmation of payee name check that's expired on a template?


Confirmation of payee name checks will last for six months on templates. After this time, you'll need to rerun the payee name check:

  1. Select 'Manage templates' from the payments menu, and select the relevant template
  2. Select 'Edit template' followed by 'Edit beneficiary account details'
  3. Check the details for the beneficiary are correct and make any changes, if needed. Select 'Check beneficiary details'
  4. This will give you a result on the payee name as to how close it matches. You can find out more about this name checking process here. Once you've completed the name check and are happy to proceed, select 'Use this beneficiary’
  5. Select 'Save changes' followed by 'Confirm template'

Depending on your Bankline settings, you may need to approve this with your smartcard, or another user may need to approve the change.

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