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How do I import a file?


To import a file:

  1. Save the file you want to import on your PC or LAN as a text file (.txt).

  2. Select 'Import payments' from the left hand menu or the 'Make payments' screen.

  3. The 'Import file' screen will open.

  4. Select on 'Browse' and locate the text file you saved.

  5. In the pop-up window, click on the file you want.

  6. Select 'OK' and then 'Go'.

When the import is complete, the 'Import complete' screen will open. You can choose to abort or accept the import file.

If you click on 'Abort import' the imported file is permanently deleted from Bankline.

If you click on 'Accept import' the imported file is accepted into Bankline, and the payment and transfer instructions in the file are validated for correctness.

You can navigate away from this screen without losing the imported data.

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