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How does Confirmation of Payee work in Bankline?


Confirmation of Payee (CoP) is an account name checking service that helps avoid payments being misdirected due to errors or fraud. Single and bulk payments that are imported into Bankline are not in scope for name checking.

When you're creating domestic payments (standard payments & CHAPS) or domestic templates in Bankline, you'll need to complete some additional steps:

  1. You’ll have an increased 138 characters to include the full beneficiary name, as it appears on their account
  2. You'll need to let us know if you’re paying a business or personal account
  3. You'll then need to click the 'Check beneficiary details' button to begin the name check process

You’ll see an additional screen ahead of the normal payment or template entry screen and it’ll look like this:

CoP RBS UBN Image 1

CoP RBS UBN Image 2

Once you've run the check, you'll see one of the following results:

  • A match: the payee name you’ve entered matches the payee you’re paying.
  • A close match: the account details provided don’t match the account name exactly. This may be due to an abbreviated name or a spelling mistake. 
  • No match: The account details provided didn’t match. This could happen because the name provided is incomplete, a trading name which is different from the account name has been used, or the details are just incorrect.
  • Confirmation of payee unavailable: If an account isn't included in Confirmation of Payee, you’ll see that it wasn't possible to confirm the name match.

A match, for example, will look like this:

CoP RBS UBN Image 3

CoP RBS UBN Image 4

Once you've got the result, you can choose whether to continue with the payment or double-check the information with the payee. If you get a close or no match result, you’ll be able to run the check again by clicking ‘Edit beneficiary details’. To continue with the payment, click ‘Use this beneficiary’.

When adding in further details for the payment, you'll see a field you can change, called 'beneficary alias'. It will default to the first characters of the full beneficiary name you enter as part of the beneficiary name check (18 for standard or 35 for CHAPS). This beneficiary alias will appear on your statement and is the also the name that's sent with the payment to the beneficiary's bank.

For your domestic payment templates, confirmation of payee checks will expire after 6 months. To make payments from a template after this point, you'll need to click 'Edit template' and run another confirmation of payee check. For more information you can take a look at this FAQ:

How do I rerun a Confirmation of Payee name check that's expired on a template?

What do I need to provide to receive a payment?

As well as your sort code and account number, make sure you provide your business name to the payer, as it appears on your account. You must provide your full business name accurately otherwise the payer will receive either no matches or close matches.

For further information, check out our Confirmation of Payee support page.

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