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Why am I getting an error message when I’m trying to make a payment via a PISP TPP?


There could be a number of reasons why you're unable to make the payment. Here are some of the most likely: 

  • Your administrator might not have set you up with the required privileges to make this type of payment. To check the required privileges see What roles and privileges are needed to make payments using a PISP TPP?
  • Remember, you need to be able to authorise payments that you've created, as some TPP’s will require payments to be completed entirely by one user, without additional authorisation. Others will allow authorisation to be completed later, in Bankline. 
  • The accounts in your user role may not include the debit account you provided to the TPP (if this was provided as part of your payment request in the TPP’s site).
  • The payment could be above the Dual Authorisation payment threshold, or another Bankline payment limit.
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