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How do I download a SEPA Direct Debit Report?


Two reports types are available for up to 60 days:

Collection Processing Report 
Collection Settlement Report

  1. In the SEPA DD Origination section on the left hand menu, select Download file.
    The menu items displayed are based on privileges assigned to the user.
  2. Click Download File.
    The Download report file screen is displayed. By default the Collection Processing Report radio button is selected, if you want to download a Collection Settlement Report click the radio button for this.

To download a report

  1. Enter the Creditor ID from the dropdown list.
  2. Enter File date range.
    This can be no more than 2 months in the past and restricted to a three month date range.
  3. Click Search.
    The Download file enquiry search results screen is displayed. The File validation date and time shows the most recent validated file first.
  4. Click on the link to download the report.

    The smartcard authorisation screen is displayed. You need to authorise your action using your smartcard and reader.

     Smartcard Authorisation

    The Download Collection Processing or Collection Settlement Report is displayed.

  5. Select the relevant radio button.
  6. Click Download now.

    By default, the report radio button is selected, the formatted report will be available to download for printing in TXT format only. If the XML file radio button is selected the report will be available in XML format only.
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