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How do I assign SEPA Direct Debit Creditor IDs to users?


Confirm that a SEPA Direct Debit Origination role has been assigned to your users.

  1. In the Administration section on the left hand menu, select Manage User Creditor IDs.  Creditor IDs available to assign are listed with the most recent first. Note that the menu items displayed are based on privileges assigned to the user.
  2. Click the underlined link next to the name of the user you want to assign or remove User Creditor IDs to.  The Assign or remove User Creditor IDs screen is displayed.
  3. Select the required User Creditor ID by checking the tick box, removing a tick will remove that User Creditor ID from the user.  You must assign and remove Creditor IDs as separate steps.
  4. When selection is complete, click Continue. The Confirm screen is displayed.
  5. Click Confirm to proceed with the changes.

The Manage User, User Creditor IDs screen is redisplayed. The change now needs to be authorised by an administrator.

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