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How do I cancel a SEPA Direct Debit Collection?


A Collection can only be cancelled if: 

  1. The Collection status is Due.
  2. The Batch status of the batch it is in is Future dated.
  3. The File status of the File it is in is Accepted.

The user performing the cancellation must have a Role assigned to them that contains the SEPA DDO Cancel file privilege. 

Collection cancellation is not subject to dual file authorisation. 

  1. Navigate to File enquiry.
  2. Using enquiry option 1, locate the File which contains the Collection to cancel.
  3. From the File details screen, click on the underlined Batch ID link of the Batch which contains the Collection to cancel.
  4. The Batch details screen shows. Click on the underlined Collection ID of the Collection to cancel.
  5. The Collection details screen shows. If the Batch status is Future dated, and the Collection status is Due then the Collection may be cancelled. Click on the Cancel collection button.
  6. Confirm collection cancellation screen shows with details of the Collection to be cancelled. Click Continue if you are sure you wish to cancel the Collection.

The smartcard authorisation screen is displayed. You need to authorise your action using your smartcard and reader.

Smartcard Authorisation

  1. Collection cancellation requested screen shows. The cancellation will take up to 10 minutes to be processed, and then the Collection status will change to Cancelled. This change in status can be confirmed using the File enquiry option.

Note that you will still be credited for the full amount of the Batch, but the cancelled Collection will be debited at the same time as a separate Reversal statement entry.

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