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I'm locked out of Bankline, how can I reset my access?


If your Bankline access has been locked but you still know your PIN and password, contact your Bankline administrator who can reinstate your access. If you're an administrator and don't have another administrator available please contact the Bankline helpdesk.

If you've not logged in for over 12 months, you'll need to speak to an administrator who can reset your access.

If you don’t know your PIN and/or password you can either contact your administrator who can order you a new activation code to reset your details or select the ‘request an activation code’ link on the bottom of the Bankline login screen where you enter your PIN and password details. 

You'll then need to enter your registered Bankline email address. We'll validate your request and if successful, you'll receive a new activation code in an email within 30 minutes. You'll then be able to reset your details. 

If the link isn't available or you can no longer access your registered Bankline email address please contact your Bankline administrator.  

If you're unsure who your Bankline administrator is, see How do I identify my Bankline administrator? 

If you're an administrator and you need to reset a locked out user please see: My user has got their log-in details wrong and is now locked out of Bankline, how do I re-activate them? 

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