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I'm having problems logging in and using Bankline, what should I do?


If you encounter problems logging in or using Bankline, please try these trouble shoot steps:

1. Are you having trouble with your smartcard or scanning a QR code? 

We’re currently phasing in two factor authentication for log in. This involves scanning a QR code with your smartcard reader at log in. You can check out this guide on using the new card readers.

And for help with more specific question, see the below:

How do I log in with a QR code?

I'm having trouble scanning a QR code

I'm being asked to scan a code and I don't have a QR card reader

2. Are you logging in from the right URL?

Always start from and click the log in button. Don’t save or start from any other URL, including the log in page itself.

3. Have you tried clearing your temporary internet files?

Old cookies can cause access problems, especially if we’ve recently updated Bankline. To avoid this, clear your browser’s cache and temporary internet files via the Settings menu in your web browser. (Consult your browser's support pages if you need help with this.)

4. Do you have the right log in details?

Check that you have the correct log in credentials (Customer ID, User ID, PIN and password) and you have your Smartcard and card reader ready. If you’ve forgotten any of these or you need to reset them, click ‘Chat now’ or visit this FAQ. 

5. Is your web browser up to date?

If you’re still having difficulty logging in, check that you’re using an up to date version of your chosen web browser. For info on recommended web browsers and steps on how to update, visit our web browsers FAQ.

6. Try logging in from a different browser, device or network

If the above steps aren’t working, try logging in from a different web browser, using a different device, and lastly, try a different internet connection.

For help with these steps and other Bankline queries, you can chat with our Bankline advisers by clicking the 'Webchat' button on the log in page.  

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