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What additional security can I apply to payment templates and bulk lists?


There are two options for applying additional security to payment templates and bulk lists. Applying this additional security can protect your templates and bulk lists from any unauthorised changes and prevent fraudulent payments.

You'll need administration privileges and if dual administration is enabled a second administrator will also need to approve the changes.

1. Smartcard authorisation

You can enable the need for Smartcard authorisation when creating new templates and bulk lists and also when you're making changes to existing templates and bulk lists, such as adding a new beneficiary to a bulk list and updating a beneficiary's sort code and account number. If Smartcard authorisation is enabled, the creation of new templates and bulk lists and any of those changes would need to be approved using a Smartcard and card reader.

For guidance on turning this setting on see:

How do I turn on smartcard authorisation to manage templates and bulk lists?

2. Dual control

You can also apply dual control so that all additions and changes to templates and bulk lists have to be approved by a second person as well as the person making the changes before the changes take effect.

For guidance on turning this setting on see:

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If you want to enable these controls but don't have administration privileges please contact your Bankline administrator.

If you're unsure who your administrator is see: How do I identify my Bankline administrator?

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