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What should I do if I've locked the PIN on my Smartcard?


If your Smartcard card has been locked, you'll see the message 'PIN locked' on your card reader. Once locked, you will need to order a new Smartcard. 

Your Bankline administrator(s) will be able to order a new Smartcard for you.Your replacement card and PIN will arrive within 5 to 7 days of ordering.

If you're an administrator you can order for other users and yourself:

  1. From 'Administration' select 'Manage Users'.

  2. Select the relevant User ID.

  3. Choose 'Edit roles/Smartcard' then 'Order replacement Smartcard'.

  4. Select the address you'd like the Smartcard to be sent to. 
  5. Click 'Continue' then 'Confirm'.

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