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How do I turn on/off Smartcard authorisation to manage templates and bulk lists?


Smartcard authorisation is an added layer of security that requires a smartcard authorisation code to create, change or delete bulk lists and templates.

This setting helps protect your templates and bulk lists from unauthorised changes and fraudulent payments., If you have administration privileges, you can see your current settings and turn smartcard authorisation on or off, by following the instructions below.

Remember, all users who are creating or managing bulk lists and templates will need to have their smartcard and reader to hand (they’ll have been sent these when they were set up).

  1. Select ‘Administration’ from the left hand menu then ‘Customer details’ (this is the first option in the list and may already be selected)

  2. On the page you'll see three boxes. Select the middle box, ‘Payment preferences’

  3. Under the sub-heading ‘Bank set payments’ you’ll see an option for ‘Changes to templates and bulk lists require Smartcard’

  4. To turn on Smartcard authorisation for all users who create and edit templates and bulk lists, select ‘Yes’

If you want to allow users to manage templates and bulk lists without smartcard authorisation, select ‘No’

  1. Once you’ve updated the payment preference(s) select ‘Confirm’, check your changes then hit ‘Update’

  2. You'll need to authorise this with your smartcard. You can do this under 'Smartcard authorisation' in the 'Administration' menu

If your organisation is using dual authorisation, a second authoriser may need to approve your changes.

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