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What are the ‘Import processing’ and ‘Import file amendment’ settings for?


Import processing -specifies the action we should take if we find errors in your import file. If set to ‘All payments cancelled (the whole file is cancelled) if an error is detected', we will reject the whole file and you will need to resubmit the import file.

If set to ‘Allow file amendment / partial file', we will accept the valid payments and, depending on your preference, either reject the payments with errors or allow you to amend them (see below).

Import file amendment -specifies the action we should take if you have selected the ‘Allow file amendment/ partial file' option.

If set to ‘Cancel any payments in error and process only valid payments (no amendments allowed)', we will accept any valid payments and reject the payments with errors.

If set to ‘Permit amendment of any field', you can correct the errors on any payment fields, so that we can process them without the need for you to resubmit the import file.

You set these from the Payments preferences screen.

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