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What is a Maximum gross payment limit?


This is a bank-set payment limit which only applies to certain Bankline profiles. (It used to be called a ‘Default payment limit’.)

If in place, it sets the maximum amount that can be authorised across all your Bankline accounts on a single day. (This includes fully authorised future dated payments, as well as payments made for that day).

Unlike other payment limits in Bankline, you can’t change this setting yourself. But if you have this limit on your profile, you can always discuss it with your relationship manager or contact our customer support team.

If you’re an administrator and your profile has a ‘Maximum gross payment limit’, you’ll see it stated below the ‘Daily gross payment limit’ on your Payment limits page.

You can still set a ‘Daily gross payment limit’, but you’ll not be able to select an amount that exceeds your ‘Maximum gross payment limit’.

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