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What are the 'Import processing' and 'Import file amendment' settings for, and how can I change them?


You'll need administrative privileges to make the following changes.

These settings control what happens to an import file if an error is detected.

By default they're set as follows:

Import processing

All payments cancelled (the whole file is cancelled) if an error is detected.

Import file amendment

Cancel any payments in error and process only valid payments (no amendments allowed).

However, you can edit these settings. From 'Administration' go to 'Customer details' then select the title of the second onscreen box 'Payment preferences'.

You'll need to scroll down to find the settings.

If you change the first setting but not the second, valid payments get processed in the file but those with errors will be cancelled – if it’s a bulk payment, because Bankline processes these as one bulk payment, the whole bulk payment will be cancelled.

If you change both, payments with readable errors (i.e. the correct format for Bankline but with errors that can be amended) payments with errors will be moved to 'incomplete' where they can be corrected then submitted. It'll also allow you to edit any imported payment in Bankline rather than having to correct the file, then import it again.



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