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What is dual authorisation and how do I set or change it?


Dual authorisation is a security setting that gives you additional control over the payments you make. With dual authorisation, two different users will be needed to authorise any payment above a certain amount that you set.

Please note dual authorisation is different from dual administration.

The dual authorisation threshold is set to 'no limit' by default, by having a limit it will ensure those payments need two authorisers. To make the following changes to dual authorisation, you'll need administrative privileges:

  1. From 'Administration' select 'Customer details'
  2. Select the heading of the third box, 'Payment limits'
  3. Tick the box next to 'Dual authorisation threshold', then enter the amount you want and click 'Confirm'. (If you want all payments to be dual approved, enter '0.00' in this field.) 
  4. Select 'Update'
  5. You'll need to authorise this with your smartcard. You can do this under 'Smartcard authorisation' in the 'Administration' menu

If your organisation is using dual administration, a second administrator may need to approve this change.

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