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Security tips for administrators: keeping your users up to date and more


It's important to make sure your Bankline users are all up to date and have the access they need. This will make sure everyone on your Bankline profile can use Bankline effectively and help keep your business safe.


Having the right number of administrators

Having additional administrators ensures there’s someone who can update Bankline should your main administrators be unavailable for any reason. When there’s no administrator available to update users and settings, we’d need you to sign and return forms so that we can make the changes on your behalf. This can take time and may even result in a temporary loss of access to Bankline. You can assign the administrator role either by creating a new user or adding it to an existing users roles:

How do I create a new user?

How do I edit an existing user’s roles?


Keeping your users up to date

It’s also important to make sure your Bankline users are all up to date and they have the right level of access.

To view the users on your profile, click ‘Manage users’ from the admin menu. Take a look at the list of users and consider removing anyone who’s left your organisation or no longer uses Bankline.

You can click onto a User ID to review a user’s information, including email addresses, postal addresses and telephone numbers, and amend them if needed.

It’s also worth checking that users only have access to the areas of Bankline they really need. You can download a report from the manage users page by clicking ‘Print all roles/users’, showing what each role can do and which roles are assigned to which users. You can also look at what individual users can do by clicking their User ID from the manage users page and then clicking ‘Edit roles/smartcard’. If you need to change the roles a user has, you can do this here.


If you need any support in making these changes you can click ‘Message us’ on any Bankline screen.

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